Using melee diamonds selected by our diamond experts, this piece creates a unique three-dimensional look. The combination of elegant curves and the diamond represent the moon and the outcome is a romantic work of art. The concept comes from the Japanese novel “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”. Imagination and beauty intertwine into something magical when the princess returns to the moon, which is her true home.
Regardless of TPO, the moment you are adorned with this piece, the elegant curves, and endless sparkling of the diamonds make you brighter and more glamorous.
Regardless of TPO, one you wear it, beautiful curves and endless sparkling of diamonds make you more glamorous and brighter.

Versailles Collection®


Our skill jewelers transforme precious metals into wearable works of art. This ring with a Western aristocratic style is made of Pt950 (solid platinum) in order to get a feeling of a Western aristocratic atmosphere on your hand.