TACOAL’s 7 Policies

1.Quality Standard

TACOAL started with diamond wholesale.
Each diamond including the smallest melee diamond is tested by DGL to ensure the quality of the stone.
Only certified diamonds become part of TACOL’s creation.

2.Forever Lasting Precious Metals

TACOAL’s products are made of Solid Platinum PT950 and 90% Platinum products.
As a treasure that connects precious jewelry to the future (bijoux de famille),
durable precious metals are used in order for our products to be inherited for a long time and to keep its luster forever.

3.Reliable Supply Routes

Intermediaries are not involved at all.
We are committed to purchase directly from 12 countries in order to deliver products with responsibly for our new and existing customers.

4.Productive Speed

TACOAL makes it possible because of our planning strategy of production and manufacturing.

5.Unique Product Appeal and A Large Amount of Inventory.

Every month we develop 50 to 100 new original designs.
Our affiliated factories are located in Japan and overseas.
Our products are up to 20,000 with high quality and high scarcity value.
It is ranked top in the Kansai Jewelry industry in Japan.

6.Effective Planning Strategy

Large scale events, tour events, storefront events, we will do our best to meet your requirements and needs.。
・Proposal for concepts
・Proposal for entertainment events
・Proposal for novelty
・Invitation card designs

7.Customer Service with Integrity

“Perseverance,” “Sincere,” and “Education”
Whether it’s new staff or experienced staff, the company’s sales team is committed to provide customers with their best service.
· We conduct a study session in the early morning and strive for self-improvement.
· We value communication at work.
· To meet the needs of foreign customers, we also recruited foreign staff (Chinese/English).
· Gemologist(GIA.GG) is always present.